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Publishers' Top Cigars of 2019 - Smokeasy's Standouts

Happy 2020!

Smokeasy has never done a "top cigars" list - I've smoked so many great cigars over the past year, with so many unique flavor profiles, I would be hard-pressed to rank them accordingly. Every year, some of the major print and online cigar publications publish their year-end list of their top cigar rankings, and many brothers/sisters of the leaf use these lists to help guide their cigar choices during the subsequent year. Since I get multiple queries about my recommendations from these specific lists, I have highlighted my standouts from these lists for 2019.




*Cigars appearing on more than one Top Cigars of 2019 list:

Aging Room Quattro Nicaragua Maestro also ranked #16 on Cigar & Spirits magazine's Top 20 of 2019.

†Cigar & Spirits Magazine did not provide a specific vitola for the respective cigar ranked.

Note that Cigar Snob magazine has yet to publish their top cigars of 2019 as of yet; I will provide an update of my standouts upon their release and my review.


UPDATE 1/6/2020: Cigar Snob magazine has just published their Top 25 Cigars of 2019 today (only #16 through #25)! Cigars #6-#15 will be published on Tuesday, 1/7 and #1-#5 on Wednesday 1/8. Once the list is available in its entirety, I'll provide an update of my standouts from their rankings.

UPDATE 1/8/2020: Cigar Snob magazine has published their entire list of the Top 25 Cigars of 2019 - my standouts from that list is now posted above. And I must say...of the 4 major publishers' lists, Cigar Snob's list is fantastic and most definitely the finest of them all, in my most humblest opinion!

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