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ACE Prime Cigars Offers Limited Edition Cigar to Commemorate the 60th Birthday of NBA Legend Dominiq

January 13, 2020 - Basketball legend and a cigar connoisseur, Dominique Wilkins released his special M.X.S. Signature Series cigar in 2019. The cigar has been a slam dunk with fans, retailers and aficionados alike, and has received wonderful reviews.

Courtesy of ACE Prime Cigars

“Dominique Wilkins is a great friend, who’s career and reputation for Excellence and Success is unparalleled. He is genuinely one of the greatest NBA athletes of all-time, and we have thoroughly enjoyed the partnership in developing his M.X.S. Signature Series cigar” said ACE PRIME co-founder Luciano Meirelles.

To celebrate Dominique Wilkins’s 60th Birthday (Jan 12), ACE PRIME is releasing a collectors edition limited release box – Dominique Wilkins individually signs the DIAMOND EDITION, COMMEMORATIVE BOX. It features a beautiful 3D printed image of the NBA superstar in flight and contains the reserved, super-aged first batch of the M.X.S.Dominique Wilkins cigars.

Only 60 boxes of the M.X.S. Dominique Wilkins – Diamond Edition box will be released and available exclusively at:

  • Davidoff Tampa (FL),

  • The Clayton – Chicago (IL),

  • Corona Cigars & Diamond Crown Lounge (FL),

  • Casa de Montecristo – Lake Mary (FL),

  • Stanley’s Cigar Bar (MO),

  • Club Macanudo (N.Y.)

  • Soho Cigar Bar (N.Y.)

We are thrilled by the success of ACE PRIME, and we know this has a lot to do with the great reviews and media support. In 6 months, your support has allowed us to established a great cigar brand and captured the imagination of cigar fans and experts.

We’re passionate about creating the finest cigars for everybody to enjoy, and in 2020 we will be bringing our cigars to more communities across the country.

The ACE PRIME family of cigars also includes M.X.S. (featuring a Special Signature Series with NBA superstars, Dominique Wilkins, and Tiago Splitter), Luciano (The Traveler), and Pichardo Cigars. ACE PRIME will also be releasing a new blend, M.X.S. Signature Series cigar, with the big-hitting baseball legend, Adrián González, in 2020.

ACE PRIME invites you to discover your cigar at WWW.ACEPRIME.COM

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