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TPE 2020 Release: Espinosa Premium Cigars Bringing Back the Old @ZUCAR With New Vitolas

Per Tobacco Business Magazine, Espinosa Premium Cigars is bringing @ZUCAR for release at the upcoming Tobacco Plus Expo (TPE) trade show January 29-31, 2020:

Espinosa Premium Cigars is bringing back its first and only flavored cigar just in time for Tobacco Plus Expo (TPE) 2020–@ZUCAR.

Originally launched at the 2016 International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers (IPCPR) trade show, @ZUCAR debuted in three size formats and an affordable price range of $3.40 to $3.90. These cigars are different from others in Espinosa’s portfolio in that it features a sweetened vanilla-flavored tip and is also made in the Dominican Republic with Espinosa’s manufacturing partner Aveja Cigar Factory.

Courtesy of Espinosa Premium Cigars

At TPE 2020, @ZUCAR will be revived and available in four different sizes–Cañita (5" x 30), Lonsdale (6" x 44), Robusto (5" x 50), and Toro (6" x 50)–and packaged in more traditional, retail friendly boxes of 25 cigars. @ZUCAR will continue production at the Aveja Cigar Factory in the Dominican Republic and will be re-blended to showcase Dominican long fillers and a Dominican wrapper, along with a sweetened vanilla cap.

Pricing and a release date for Espinosa have yet to be confirmed. For all the latest news from Espinosa Cigars, visit

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