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Davidoff Presents the Limited Masterpiece Humidor Series I

Davidoff Cigars presents a limited series of 8 stunning Masterpiece humidors inspired by time

August 2020 (Basel, Switzerland) - Davidoff Cigars is delighted to present a new series of limited edition Masterpiece humidors, designed by the renowned French marquetery artist, Rose Saneuil.

True to the brands philosophy to fill time beautifully, Rose Saneuil was commissioned to design a series of two Masterpiece humidors inspired by the notion of different aspects of time and the artistic interpretation thereof. The first Masterpiece humidor series will launch in September and is limited to only eight pieces globally.

The second series will follow in November. "Collaborating with artisans and artists mastering unique skills is not only a cornerstone in our innovation strategy but always a possibility for us at Davidoff to learn, get inspired and expand our creative horizons," says Edward Simon, Chief Marketing Officer of Oettinger Davidoff AG.

In her approach, Rose Saneuil artistically intertwined three dimensions of time: Time as the ultimate luxury, a moment of serenity and reflexion which is reflected in a sunset. The limitation of time and its easy evaporation which is inspired by the image of evaporating smoke. For the third dimension, when time seems to stand still, Davidoff has provided exceptional vintage tobacco leaves harvested in 1994 which inspired the artist of the perfect moment. These tobacco leaves reflecting the moment of eternity are part of the iconic artwork, now conserved with the humidor for eternity."Working with Rose, observing her creative approach and ability to translate into materials and techniques with a level of detail and dedication second to none, was a true privilege. These two Masterpiece humidors along the exclusive cigars surely are valuable collectors' items," Edward Simon continues.

The Davidoff Masterpiece humidor series 2020 I and II

Presented in September 2020, the Masterpiece humidor series I embodies calmness by using harmonic colors embellished with golden leaves in an abstract representation of a sunset.

Derived from her inspiration, Rose Saneuil combined exclusive materials such as gold leaves, tobacco leaves, mother-of-pearl, parchment as well as woods from sycamore, walnut and wenge trees while the body of the Masterpiece humidor was crafted from pear wood in a grey tint.

Following in November, the Masterpiece humidor series II is designed with a shimmering effect, while the combination of darker colors of tobacco with vibrant golden hues reflects warmth. The materials chosen by Rose Saneuil incorporate gold leaves, tobacco leaves, mother-of-pearl, parchment and woods from vavona burl and sycamore trees. The body of the Masterpiece humidor is from precious Macassar woods all treated to reflect a richer and more vibrant appearance.

Both series will be accompanied by 50 unique Davidoff cigars. Exclusively blended by Davidoff's Master Blender for these limited Masterpiece humidor series.

The Masterpiece humidors – A cocoon for your cigars

The interior of the humidors is made of Gabon wood, known as okoumé, from central West Africa. It is odourless and tasteless thus avoiding flavor transfer to cigars. The okoumé is hand varnished to seal the humidity more effectively so that it will not be constantly absorbed by the wood. Each Humidor is equipped with three proprietary Davidoff De Luxe regulators which guarantee the stable humidification between 70 and 72%.

Capacity: 190 – 250 cigars

Features: 3 Davidoff de Luxe regulator, 1 removable tray

Dimensions: 550 x 356 x 180 mm (21.7" x 14.0" x 7.1" ) - Geant humidor

Launch and availability (Launch date may vary depending on country)

The eight Masterpiece humidors Series I 2020 will be available at Davidoff Flagship Stores and selected appointed merchants in September 2020. The twelve Masterpiece humidors Series II 2020 will be available as of November 2020.

Exclusive Masterpiece Series I cigars

Each humidor is accompanied by 50 unique Davidoff Masterpiece Series I cigars, blended by Davidoff’s Master Blender exclusively for this Masterpiece series. This special and very limited edition pleases with notes of spice, leather and wood deriving from the well-aged Dominican filler tobaccos. The aroma is on the sweeter end, with elegant notes of toffee and the retro-hale reinforces the woody and spicy notes. In the second third, the interaction between the Ecuadorian wrapper and binder delivers creaminess and black coffee notes with hints of prune. In the last third, the aroma becomes much creamier, still with notes of wood, spice and cacao.

Format: Toro

Diameter: 2.1 cm; RG 52

Length: 15.2 cm; 6”

Wrapper: Habano Ecuador (5 years)

Binder: 702 from Ecuador (7 years)

Filler: San Vicente Ligero (6 years), San Vicente Seco (8 years), Piloto Ligero (7 years), Hybrid 192 Volado

(8 years) and Yamasa Visus (13 years)

Strength: 3.5 out of 5

About the Artist – Rose Saneuil

Rose Saneuil trained at the renowned École Boulle, the French School of Fine Arts and Crafts and Applied Arts where she discovered her passion for marquetry. Her deep knowledge of materials and creativity drove her to create and master her own secret technique – only Rose Saneuil mixes different materials within one piece of marquetry, resulting in marquetry that is unique and distinctively hers. Her dedication, passion and talent have earned her collaborations with prestigious brands including the Swiss luxury watch manufacture Piaget. After the collaborations with the Davidoff Masterpiece Humidor „Damajagua“ in 2017 and "Terroirs" in 2019, Davidoff and Rose Saneuil collaborate for a new series of two Masterpieces inspired by the notion of time. This series stands proof once more how Davidoff’s sense of excellence and craftsmanship is intimately connected to the art of cigar making, and ultimately to the enjoyment of time beautifully filled.

About the history of Davidoff Humidors

Just like fine wine, premium cigars need to be stored in the right environment in order to emerge matured and improved. It was Zino Davidoff who first invested time in researching and developing optimum ways for storing the finest quality cigars. The time spent in the humidor during the aging process requires absolute control of humidity and temperature. Taking such factors into consideration, he built his first, famous cigar cellar in 1930. However, not all connoisseurs have a cigar cellar at their disposal; thus he pioneered the first humidor so that cigar-lovers could store their prized possessions on a smaller scale. Innovation in the craftsmanship and the science of humidors has gone hand-in-hand in Davidoff’s array of possibilities for humidor design. The Davidoff regulator, for instance, broke new ground with the first, proprietary self-regulating system, dispensing with the need for a controlling hygrometer to care for a beautiful cigar, ready to be enjoyed at any time.



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