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Pennsylvania Congressmen Make the Case to the President to Eliminate FDA Premium Cigar Regulations


On June 25, 2020, half of Pennsylvania’s 18 Republican congressmen co-signed and sent a letter to President Donald Trump urging his administration to roll back the regulations that burden the premium cigar industry.

Since 2016, cigar manufacturers and retail tobacco shop owners have been slammed with burdensome and costly regulations, including strangling marketing restrictions, tobacco warning plans, and extraorbitant user fees, ever since the US Food and Drug Administration deemed that premium cigars needed to be regulated like cigarettes and other tobacco products.

Pennsylvania is home to major cigar retailers such as Cigars International, Holt’s, and Famous Smoke Shop, and also is a tobacco-growing state. In addition, Pennsylvania and Florida are the only 2 states without a cigar tax.

The nine congressmen who penned the letter are: Daniel P. Meuser, Glenn Thompson, Mike Kelly, Scott Perry, Brian Fitzpatrick, Lloyd Smucker, John Joyce, Guy Reschenthaler and Fred Keller. Check out teh full-text letter here. Stay tuned for more updates...



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