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Smokeasy Review - Oliva Serie G Figurado

Country of origin: Nicaragua

Color: Colorado Maduro

Length: 6"

Ring gauge: 60

Wrapper: Cameroon

Binder: Cuban-seed habano

Filler: Nicaraguan habano

Rating: ★★★★ (very good)

Absolutely gorgeous...

The Oliva Serie G Figurado is a beautifully constructed box-pressed cigar with a unique "pyramid-torpedo-like" shape with a tapered foot. As you think about how cigars are handrolled, you must stop to respect and appreciate the skill and artistry of the master roller(s) in the Oliva fields in Nicaragua who constructed this exquisite cigar.

The tapered foot allows for a very easy light (perfect for the novice smoker), and it burns very nicely and evenly throughout. The draw was perfect from beginning to end... in fact, a surprisingly easy draw that you may not be used to, covering your palate with flavor.

Although medium-bodied, this is a boldly flavorful smoke. There is a consistent smooth creamy texture with sporadic hints of cinnamon, spices, cedar, coffee...and I believe my palate may have experienced some dark chocolate flavor as well. Each puff gave way to an earthy and herbal aroma. A truly elegant and pleasurable smoke ...

The Figurado is one of 11 shapes available in the Serie G line. Oliva also markets the Serie G maduro, Serie O (natural and maduro), Serie V (natural and maduro especial), and the Masters Blend 3 lines. Check out their website at

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