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Smokeasy Shorts - Emilio La Musa Mousa Toro

Country of origin: Nicaragua

Color: Maduro

Length: 6"

Ring gauge: 50

Wrapper: Habano Rosado

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

La Musa Mοῦσα (Mousa) is the first of the La Musa series by Emilio Cigars. The name was intriguing to me, as well as the Mοῦσα on the cigar band - with that, and what I know of Gary Griffith, owner of House of Emilio, there had to be some significance to the name. As the House of Emilio website describes, "muses are here to inspire" and the cigar "pays tribute to a dear friend of ours known to do just that." The cigar replaces the Grimalkin in the Emilio portfolio. Though I've never smoked the Grimalkin, I've read some good reviews about the cigar with this funky band adorned with a set of spooky cat eyes on it.

La Musa Mousa Toro has a smooth chocolate wrapper with a beautiful oily sheen; there are moderate veins present and visible seams. The aroma from the wrapper is like old leather; however, the foot emanates an aroma of sweet tobacco. Once clipped, the draw was moderately tight, but that did not affect the smoke at all.

This medium-bodied, medium strength smoke starts with robust mocha coffee flavor with strong black pepper notes. During the second third and through the finish, as the pepper notes begin to diminish, the flavor transitions to more of a charred woodiness with some occasional elements of hickory (not quite like fire-cured tobacco though). From a flavor perspective, pretty straightforward, nothing complex - yet, the flavor is consistent and quite pleasant with a pretty smooth, buttery texture, all the way down to the nub. I only had one of these to smoke for this review; however, I would definitely like to smoke this again. For some reason, I feel this cigar has more to offer - perhaps some age? Not certain, but if I get my hands on some in the very near future, I think I'll let them rest in the humi for a bit longer and see what that does...

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