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Smokeasy Shorts - 1907 by Dunhill Robusto

Country of origin: Dominican Republic

Color: Colorado Rosado

Length: 5"

Ring gauge: 52

Wrapper: Honduran Olancho

Binder: Dominican Olor

Filler: Dominican (ligero)/Brazilian Mata Fina

In April 2014, General Cigar Company announced the debut of 1907 by Dunhill, a four-cigar collection marked the first full-time new Dunhill brand since its Signed Range was introduced in 2001 (see Noteworthy News - 1907 by Dunhill Debuts Worldwide in May).

It had been many, many years since I smoked a Dunhill - the last one being a Dunhill Classic sometime in the early 1990s, the line has been discontinued. Though I had a rather naive palate at that time, I recall it being a very good, smooth cigar with the claro wrapper that reminded of me of "your Dad's or your grandfather's cigar", simple, yet classy cigar as the simple blue band embossed with "Dunhill" in scripted font would dictate. I was quite intrigued with the announcement of the new 1907 by Dunhill, as it certainly did not appear like the Dunhills that I had previously known - obviously a more contemporary look, but with the typical Dunhill class. I received a 5-pack sampler from General Cigar Company, and dug in after some rest in the humidor.

The 1907 Robusto is a great-looking cigar with a nice oily colorado rosado wrapper with tiny veins and barely visible seams. It is a rather densely packed cigar; almost feels like it's overfilled with tobacco with not much suppleness, so I was initially concerned with the draw. The aroma from the foot was of sweet tobacco like cinnamon pastry, which was the exact flavor encountered with numerous cold draws once clipped. The cigar was easy to light. During the course of each smoke, the cigar burned slightly unevenly. No re-lights were necessary; however, I did have to "touch-up" one stick on one occasion. The draw was moderate, but not nearly as tight as I anticipated, and produced great amounts of smoke - mouthfuls, which I enjoy.

The flavor profile of the 1907 Robusto is quite enjoyable, and all of the cigars smoked were consistent. It is medium in terms of body and strength. The first half of the smoke produced distinct flavors of toasted cinnamon bread with dried apple, oats, and very slight hints of coffee. Occasional notes of nuttiness were introduced. The second half became smoother with a more buttery texture. The flavor profile was essentially unchanged from the first half, with the exception of some sweet caramel and toffee notes which became increasingly evident through the end of the smoke. The cigar has a good finish, with a subtle lingering coffee aftertaste. Burn time approximately 1:10.

The 1907 by Dunhill Robusto is a good cigar with a very nice flavor profile; however, needs more body. If the smoke were more aromatic, and if the flavor profile were fuller and more savory in nature, we would be talking about a "very good" or "close-to-excellent" cigar here. Nevertheless, it is definitely a cigar that I would smoke again.

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