The Horrors of Overhumidification: A Case Study

I've discovered that there are many, many cigar enthusiasts who either lack the knowledge or lack the desired effort required to properly maintain their humidors. Many just don't understand that a humidor is not a "magic box" that they can simply add cigars to and expect them to remain in the same condition they were in upon purchase, ultimately leading to their disappointment from the perceived underperformance of their humidor. Though it may be globally understood that the primary purpose of a humidor is to keep cigars within an optimal environment for long-term storage and aging, there is a huge gap in the education of consumers who purchase them.

Generally, clients who seek my Humidor Season consultation need assistance setting up their humidors for proper cigar storage; however, here is a case study of recent client who, unbeknownst to him, has been met with chronic frustrations from a beautiful humidor that has been suffering from the horrors of overhumidification.

Reason for Consultation

  • "Major problem keeping (the humidor) humidified and keeping my sticks in healthy condition"

  • Utilized various hygrometers (analog and digital) and humidification devices over the years

  • Humidity levels never surpassed 50-60%

  • Humidor never seasoned

The Humidor

  • Brown wooden Abbey cigar humidor, approximately 75-100 capacity

  • Purchased circa 2007

  • Unused green foam humdification device

  • Non-functional digital Caliber III thermometer/hygrometer

  • One cedar tray with small cedar divider

  • Two large cedar dividers

Condition of Humidor

Courtesy of Humidor Season, LLC
Courtesy of Humidor Season, LLC