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#CigarFuckery Case No. 010217

Here's a good example of #CigarFuckery which was presented in a Facebook cigar group.

According to the post, the guy's buddy had these three cigars in the inside breast pocket of his suit jacket. But after presenting the cigars in their present state, then states that "he didn't sweat a lot, and it was a quality suit" - and the guy who posted this wants to know "how could this have happened?"


By the looks of these sticks, either:

  1. they were not adequately stored in the first place, and were already quite dry when placed into the suit pocket for the event;

  2. they were left in the breast pocket forgotten, and dried out over time; or

  3. all of the above.

Bottom line, I can't chalk this up to a simple novice move - perhaps I'm wrong. This blasphemous move was committed by someone who just doesn't have an appreciation for fine premium cigars. For the love of everything holy, please invest in a simple travel cigar case for your suit jackets, blazers, coats, backpacks, and briefcases - they can found for less than $10 and don't need to be fancy. Just something to protect the delicate wrapper of your cigars as you go about your travels.

These cigars are completely damaged and unsalvageable, and there's only one place for them - the trash...


Have a case of #CigarFuckery you want to share? Let's talk about it! Hit me up at, on Twitter (@smokeasyblog), on Facebook (Smokeasy).

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